Sexual health educator, strategist, facilitator, engagement specialist, change-maker.


A short synopsis of my life to date....

Photo by Alistair Maitland Photography

Photo by Alistair Maitland Photography

I grew up in a place most people think of as barren, isolated, and cold. And while it can be chilly under the northern lights, and some people do run dog-sleds, the midnight sun is the most amazing phenomenon you'll ever encounter - in my humble opinion, and the North is indeed a strange place where small meets big and isolation meets connection. Whitehorse is no ordinary small town. And the experience and knowledge one can gain from living and working there is exceptional indeed.

After completing my Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Publishing at Simon Fraser University, I returned to Whitehorse to put my passion for communication to work. Over the last five+ years I have offered communications planning and strategy, facilitation, project management, strategic planning, and organizational coaching services to business, government and not for profit organizations. Check out more here.

The daughter of two entrepreneurs, I see opportunity in everything and truly believe that with a good dose of elbow grease and a bit of luck, absolutely anything is possible. I am one part business woman and one part free spirit. I strive every day to bring these two parts of myself into harmony, and hope to act as a bridge between these two very opposite ways of viewing the world - because I believe in the tremendous opportunity that lies in the space between.

I love really soaking myself in new knowledge and  simplifying complex concepts to help audiences understand and engage ( I dare you to ask me  about wastewater treatment in the North). I am an adept project manager, who strives in fast paced settings, and a natural leader. I'm a real estate junkie and DIY addict. A connector and communicator.  As my friends say, "Give her a knitting needle and a hammer and she'll change the world".

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